The Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign

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The Chinese Zodiac happens to be filled with fascination and mystery. According to Astrologer George Tang, this zodiac has been in existence for 1000s of years and is used in more countries than just China. Some of these countries include Sri Lanka, Japan, Nepal, Korea, Vietnam along with other Asian countries. It is like Western astrology excepting that opposed to the twelve-monthly signs which govern the skies through a year, there are twelve signs which govern 1 year each time for a period of 12-year cycles.

The cycles are based around the planet Jupiter along with its orbit. It is the biggest of the planets in the solar system and the foundation for all the signs in Chinese astrology. Signs of the Chinese Zodiac include the Dog, Rooster, Goat, Horse, Monkey, Snake, Dragon, Rabbit, Tiger, Ox and Rat. Each of these signs has specific attributes and traits that dictate paths of the individuals, and it is all dependent on the year of the Zodiac that the person is born under.

For example, a person that falls under the Horse sign would have been born in the 7th year of a full twelve-year cycle. The more recent years associated with the Horse sign include 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 and 2014. The following Horse sign will occur in 2026.

Of all attributes and signs of the people under this particular sign, the more prominent are enthusiasm and energy. The more closely associated element with these signs is the fire element, because the sign is pronounced in the Chinese, Huo. The lucky flowers for this sign include the Jasmine and Calla Lily.

People under the Horse sign are usually lucky with the colors purple, yellow, and brown. These people are warm-hearted and easygoing. They are able to make friends with ease and enjoy being independent due to the abilities associated with maintaining stamina. They also have a positive energy that is strong.

In regard to their weaknesses, they are prone to spending money. This is counteracted when they are able to succeed in regard to business opportunities. They in some cases lack persistence when they try to succeed, which can become a problem.

The Horse sign is suitable with the Rabbit, Sheep and Tiger signs. When matched at the time of birth, they can make the ideal matched pair and will share a lot of commonalities. The Horse also does okay with the Dog, Dragon and Monkey sign but they should be avoiding the Rat, Rooster, Ox and other Horses.

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