Raise Your Vibration And Attract Money And Wealth

Raise Your Vibration And Attract Money And Wealth

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One of the greatest illusions that people have is that money is not good and that that there isn’t enough money for everybody and everything. That is wrong. That is our deep belief, that we must work hard if we want to have a lot of money, that we sometimes need to do something illegal, if we want to be rich, etc. None of that is right, but we’ve adopted these beliefs because everybody taught us that this is true.

Do you know what is your deepest belief regarding money? We can help you to discover your belief right now. Close your eyes and imagine that you’ve won a lottery. You won a lot of money on the lottery. What is your first reaction? Are you happy, thrilled, excited, are you jumping all over your house from happiness? Or, you are indifferent regarding this situation?

No matter what was your reaction to this imagined situation, you can use this visualization for raising your vibration. Imagine yourself buying the lottery ticket. Imagine yourself at the moment when you find out that you are a winner. Imagine yourself calling all the people you love to tell them the wonderful news. Imagine holding the money. Imagine smelling that money. Imagine spending that money on everything that you want. All of these things, all of the things that you’ve imagined moved your vibration upper on the emotional guidance scale. Now, you are closer to attracting and manifesting money into your real life.

Another thing that you could do to raise your vibration regarding the money is another visualization. Imagine that you’ve got a Magical money book. In this book, whatever you write down, whatever wish you write down- will come true. Everything that you write there will manifest into your life. But there is one condition- you must write down the reason for every amount of money that you put there. For example, you can write that you want to attract 100$, and you want that money for buying a new wallet. You can put down the amount 500$ and you can say that you need that money for buying new shoes., You can put the amount of 5000$ and you can write down that you need that money because you want to travel to Thailand with your partner, for example. Do this for every wish that you have, that requires money. Write down everything you want because in the Magical money book, limits don’t exist.

Another thing that can help you move your vibration higher on the vibration scale is repeating the following affirmations: I am a magnet for money. I choose to be a magnet for money. I choose to attract money. I choose to attract much more money. I choose to love money. Sometimes I attract money, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I even push the money away. From this moment I am changing that. From this moment I am a magnet for attracting money and wealth.

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